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Why ktcons?

Knowledge Transition Consultancy (www.ktcons.com) is a multinational company with 3 years of experience in the IT Services sector. Specialized in various industries, the company provides IT expertise for companies in domains such as financial services, telecommunications, insurance and public sector. 

Knowledge Transition Consultancy is providing offshore, onshore, and nearshore IT services, including application development services, as well as BPO services. Knowledge Transition Consultancy Inc. is a leading international system integration consultancy with superior value-priced services for both private and government sector clients. Knowledge Transition Consultancy services are offered on a project or strategic staffing basis, in both custom and enterprise resource planning (ERP) package environments, and across all technology platforms, operating systems and infrastructures. Knowledge Transition Consultancy consultants now serve client businesses from over several offices. IT specialists continuously build and upgrade our clients systems to "competitive advantage status."


We needed to ramp up resources as we expanded into a new geography. ktcons was selected as the sole supplier and not only were they able to provide us with over 200 quality resources within 2 months, they consistently delivered and executed above the service levels we expected.

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