Why ktcons

At ktcons, we recognize that our client satisfaction depends in large part on our resource satisfaction, so we make meeting your career needs a top priority. We provide a high-touch, supportive environment that enables you to grow and challenge yourself while maintaining work-life balance. Choose from a wide range of exciting opportunities from our diverse client base.

Join us and learn why our employees recognize us as top in Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA)Best Staffing Firms to Work For” (large firm category).

When you join our team, you are no longer just one more resource!

You are an essential member whose talents are valued and whose workplace satisfaction and career needs become our concern.

Unlike other staffing companies I’ve worked with, ktcons genuinely wants to meet clients’ and consultants’ goals; they are eager to fill a need not just a headcount.

Daryl McCuiston
ktcons Consultant