Fulfillment Model

Our fulfillment process harnesses an advanced ecosystem of systems, tools and processes customized for each client, resulting in a sophisticated, state-of-the-art and highly efficient recruiting and delivery engine. This engine combines the acquisition of high quality talent with a “high touch” talent management approach to deliver a motivated workforce to you.

A Sophisticated Ecosystem Of Tools & Processes Drives Efficiencies

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Key components of our fulfillment model are

  • A proactive sourcing process that leverages an extensive database that is refreshed real-time of over 3 million candidates, sortable by skills, location, industry and client
  • A dedicated customer-service model comprising of a team focused only on your needs and priorities
  • Compensation analysis and rate benchmarking to keep cost efficiencies
  • Robust screening process resulting in one of the highest placement-to-submission rates in the industry
  • Innovative retention processes that keep our employees satisfied and motivated to complete their assignments
  • Extensive training and education making our workforce the best in their fields
  • 100% audit compliance system with on-boarding and off-boarding checklists minimizing manual intervention
  • Innovative tools and accelerators developed over 20 years that drive efficiencies across the fulfillment lifecycle
  • Completely customized and integrated back office IT system serving as the backbone for highly efficient and streamlined operations