Quality Control

We ensure and deliver a consistent service quality, focusing on all facets of the staffing lifecycle:

4-Step Screening Process:

Our proprietary 4-step screening process ensures that only vetted and screened candidates are presented to clients. Thanks to the robustness of our screening process, we have:

  • One of the highest submission-to-placement ratios in the industry
  • One of the highest “first candidate submitted” selection ratio
  • And amongst the lowest warranty claims in the industry

360 Degree Feedback:

We have instituted a 360-degree feedback mechanism with our workforce and our clients to help us continuously strengthen and improve our internal processes and systems.

Audit & Compliance Team:

The internal Compliance & Audit team reviews every hire and ensures that no resource can start without meeting all compliance requirements and background checks mandated by our client.

Monthly & Quarterly Reporting:

ktcons clients receive formal monthly and quarterly reports that outline performance, status and milestones as well as identify and flag any challenges or bottlenecks.


ktcons’s systems track data on a real-time basis to help our clients follow and monitor performance. Weekly reviews are also conducted to ensure that there is no variation from clients’ expected performance SLAs while variances are tracked and closed through performance improvements. We consistently analyze the skills and positions that each industry/client is trending towards and proactively invest in those to help us service clients even better.


ktcons regularly compiles and shares industry guidance reports with our clients that contain information such as labor trends and wage benchmarks.