Competency Units

Competency Units (CUs)

Leveraging our experience, ktcons has built an extensive knowledgebase of key industries and their related IT areas. This knowledgebase is core to our recruiting model and forms the basis of our Competency Units, consisting of highly specialized domain- and skill-based capabilities.

Utilizing CUs, ktcons is able to effectively identify and fulfill critical, in-demand IT roles. As a result, CUs allow us to shorten the sourcing and fulfillment lifecycle for our clients. These CUs allow us to provide best-in-class expertise, scarce talents, thought leadership, and industry best practices for these industries and technologies.

Each CU consists of highly experienced recruiters with significant experience in the specific area of expertise that they focus on.

Benefits of ktcons CUs:

  • Shorter, more efficient fulfillment lifecycle
  • Flexible and more predictable pricing for our clients
  • Easier access to experts in niche or in-demand IT areas
  • Higher retention rates
  • Re-deployment options, leading to a high percentage of resources completing their assignments