Master Vendor Program

Organizations are increasingly risk averse; they want to eliminate rogue spend, better predict their spend, and bring their risk exposure under control.  They are consolidating and rationalizing their supplier portfolio and eliminating unregulated spend by consolidating under a single Master Vendor program.

ktcons  Master Vendor Program meets those needs for you.  We help you manage large, enterprise-level supplier consolidations, resource transitions, payroll administrations and post-transition program.

ktcons Master Vendor service gives you:

  • A single point of contact to manage vendors
  • Mitigation for co-employment risks
  • Access to critical resources from sunset suppliers through ktcons on-going relationships with them
  • Payroll/pass-through management to reduce liabilities and management of contract employees
  • Time and cost savings as all invoicing, remittance, timesheet and other administrative processes are handled by ktcons
  • Credit towards diversity spend, since ktcons is the Top IT Staffing Firm
  • Comprehensive analytics and reports
  • State-of-the-art accelerators, frameworks and toolkits that make transitions seamless, efficient and effective
  • Robust systems that cover the entire sub-vendor management process
  • End-to-end resource management including compliance, on-boarding, training and development, and off-boarding

Why ktcons as Your Master Vendor

  • Top IT Staffing Firm with years of expertise
  • Single intermediary for end-to-end program management
  • State-of-the-art, custom processes, toolkits and dashboards
  • Automated information collection and transition management
  • 100% success in transitioning resources
  • Seamless experience for clients and transitioning resources